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In the early years the mother was the caregiver/home nurse, taking care of her family and friends in the home with compassion, care and understanding. My grandmothers, Agnes and Abigail, were two of these caring people, always there to lend a helping hand whenever they could. As the years followed schools of nursing opened up and nurses became recognized all over the world, especially in the field of homecare. My own mother a very special person was a Registered Nurse, compassionately and with love in her heart devoted all her life to helping care for others. Believing that their was a need to bring back good old fashioned professional and quality nursing care we moved forward and started our own homecare service. Since I was named after my grandmother, we decide in her memory to call our service “Aggies Homecare Services.”


Combing our 35 years of experience in the nursing profession & managerial department our family has gained a compassionate understanding of how to share in the care for those in need of homecare. All our medical staff are in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario, & are members of a Nurses Association and some hold certificates for Nurses in Independent Practice. Our non medical staff are all qualified mature caring people who have been involved in working in the homecare sector for many years. Aggies Homecare has been involved in volunteer work & received a certificate of appreciation for our volunteer services and commitment. Also we have been involved in organizing various seminars, & non profit organizations, quest speakers with local organizations such as the KW Genealogical Society and Henderson Hospital in Hamilton. We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have been involved in the publication of a book titled “Community Outreach Project”. Our hobbies include family gatherings, crafts, horses, oil painting, fishing, and home renovations. We believe in God and working together as a family unit to ensure the health care needs of people are met.


We truly understand the importance of independent living with in the home for those with health and mobility problems. We support families in both the rural and city communities 24 hrs. 7 days per week offering our all in one homecare service. We offer many services from medical to non medical services for people in various areas throughout Ontario. We believe that each person should be respected for their personal and cultural back grounds and are treated with total respect, dignity, fairness, and honesty at all times. Our family & staff are all qualified, caring people. Confidentiality, staff identification & security are provided at all times.


We of Aggies Homecare are here to help people in need of homecare, ensuring that our mission of quality care is achieved. Please free to click on the little email icon above with any questions you might have, we would love to hear from you.