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In our fast moving world of today there are many changes within our health care system, it is very hard for anybody to keep abreast of these changes. People of our province are becoming confused and apprehensive not knowing what way to turn or whom to trust with their loved ones health care needs. They frequently ask themselves questions, sometimes not receiving any answers just added confusion. Perhaps you or your loved one presently reside in a Retirement Facility, Nursing Home, Hospital or are living at home and require "additional care". When this need does arise the answers to these questions can be both difficult and frustrating.

As a private homecare provider we have been asked many different questions from the public. We have decided to print some of the most commonly asked questions regarding private homecare and help lift the stigma that is attached to private homecare. We truly hope this will help cover some of your unanswered questions and give you some positive insight into the private care sector.

We of Aggie's HomeCare Services are totally dedicated and committed to providing continuous quality and professional homecare. We all work very hard and do our utmost to ensure that each person receives the best quality care they deserve.

The answers to these questions are strictly referring to the operation and management of Aggie's Homecare Services and do not necessarily apply to other government or private services.

#-What is Homecare? Homecare means you can live in dignity and in the privacy of your home while receiving the care you may require no matter what age you are or what your health or mobility problems are. Homecare is taking care of the one you love with all your heart and ensuring that they receive the best possible care, this can be done by yourself or through an homecare agency. Homecare is there for you if you feel you are unable to care for yourself. Someone may be in need of nursing care, unable to prepare their own meals, need assistance with personal care, homemaking services, we are here to help in whatever way we can, we care and we understand.

#-Do we still receive quality care with a private agency- Yes all our staff are experienced, qualified and caring dependable people. In reference to a thank you letter received from a former client it states " I found the skills and professionalism of Aggies Homecare to be above reproach".

#- Is homecare just only available to seniors? - Homecare is available to anyone who requires assistance. We understand the importance of independent living within the home for those with health and mobility problems and we are here to help.

#-We are on the waiting list for the government homecare program but my wife is very sick and needs immediate attention. We have no idea when they will be able to help us. Can you help us until the government homecare becomes available? Yes we certainly can, we care and understand and would be happy to assist you and your wife while you are waiting for the government homecare program.

#-It is very hard to have someone come into my home and carry out functions that are personal - We understand this very much and respecting the dignity of the individual is of prime importance to us along with establishing a trusting rapport.

#-I need nursing care. You are only a private agency do you have professional nurses? Yes, we have professional nurses who are compassionate caring people and are all in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario. All our registered staff are also members of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

#-I just need a little bit of personal care for my wife but want a qualified person, our income is very low, will my wife still receive good care? Yes, anybody who works for us and is doing personal care all have Health Care Assistance and Personal Support Worker's Certificate's and are experienced professional people. Everybody no matter what there income level is will receive the same level of quality care.

#-I just want a homemaker, to do some light housekeeping and prepare meals can you help me? Yes, all our homemakers are experienced caring, compassionate and consciences people.

#-Can I have the same person in all the time? Yes most definitely. Our strength lies in the continuity of the quality care we provide for our clients.

#-What if one of your staff comes in and we do not get along? We will assure you that you will have someone you feel comfortable with.

#-My father will be getting out of the hospital soon, he will need the services of a Registered Nurse can you provide me with a competent nurse? Yes, we certainly can. Our Registered Nurses are all highly skilled nurses plus wonderful caring people.

#-Do you communicate with my doctor regarding medication and my health? Yes, regarding medical conditions and medication we always act under the direction of your Doctor at all times.

#-How does your staff coming into my home no what to do? For each client we have a care plan that is set up according to the clients needs and with your permission is left in the home.

#-Is the person who does the assessment a qualified nurse and does she no what she is doing? Yes she is qualified and is in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario and holds a certificate for Nurses in Independent Practice.

#-What if I need to change my hours? Just let us no and they can be arranged to suite your needs.

#-My father needs homecare, possibly a live in person, he lives way out in the country on a farm. Can you help us? We service many people in rural communities and would be more than happy to help your father. We are presently in the process of implementing a live-in companion program. In the meantime if the need arises for this type of care we can work together to ensure that the needs of your father are met.

#-Are your employee's trustful? Yes, every employee has a Police Clearance Certificate Record plus a Police Clearance Document for  working within the Vulnerable sector. 

#-My father speaks a different language and this is a problem. When homemakers or nurses come in he feels awful, as he can not understand them. He does not like the meals they prepare, so he doesn't eat. Can you help us? Yes, we will be very responsive to the needs of your father. Our staff is of different nationalities and we will schedule our staff according to the needs of your father.

#-I am able to do most things but cutting the lawn and snow shovelling present a problem, can you help me? Yes outside light maintenance is available in both the summer and winter months.

#-A lady I heard about is getting 15 hours of homecare a week this includes personal care and some light housekeeping and does not have to pay for this. What is this? You are entitled through the government-funded program from one to fifteen hours of homecare per week. There is a qualifying procedure and guidelines have been set to see who is eligible for this service. We would be more than glad to put you in touch with the government service that can supply you with the correct information.

#-If I qualify for this funded program do I have to take the Home care service they tell me-Yes, this is part of their program when you qualify for care.

#-What if I require more hours of care than what the funded homecare provides-Then you or your family since you would be paying privately can choose the home care agency of your choice.

#-We are receiving 8 hours a week from the government funded program for my wife, they choose the agency. Now she is requiring more care, we are willing to pay privately for this but want to choose the agency ourselves. We have been led to believe that if we require additional non-funded hours we have to use their agency and if we choose not to we might loose the 8 hours we already have. We are really scared, our income is limited, we do not know what to do, can you help us? I am very sorry you have run into this problem. We believe that the choice for private care solely belongs to the person, no matter where you are living or who you are. I would be more than happy to put you in touch with the proper people to contact regarding this situation and things will get cleared up quickly and efficiently for you.

#-Just how much will it cost me for your service? Depending on the needs of our clients our fees are set to ensure quality care is provided. Please refer to the price schedule icon.

#-If I want to pay cash is that ok and will you give me a receipt? Yes, we are a registered business and will supply you with a receipt at all times.

#-My husband needs homecare, he was in the war. Do you know if we might have some coverage through his veterans insurance?  There is an 800 number you can call anytime to inquire about home care coverage and a case manager who you will be set up with to help you through the process. If you require our services to help you in this matter we would be more then happy to assist you.

#I am in my early 20's was recently involved in an accident and it is going to take awhile before I am able to go back to work. I will be getting out of the hospital soon, my doctor has advised me to get some homecare assistance. Can you help me and what are your costs? Yes our services extend to everybody with health and mobility problems no matter how old they are. If we can not fulfill your health needs we will gladly direct you to a service that can. We will immediately send you a brochure and flyer regarding our cost and services available.

#I recently had a work related injury which has left me with restrictions. I need some help with homemaking and personal care. Can you help me? Yes we can, we would be more than happy to help you recover from this type of injury.

#-Do you know if insurance companies or places of employment cover some of the homecare costs? Yes there are insurance companies and places of employment that have policies in place for different types of home health care. Always check with your own automobile or house insurance company or employer first to see what they have available.

# I am healthy now but maybe in the future something will happen and I won't be able to take care of myself. Do you know if there are any insurance companies that I can talk to before the need for homecare or long-term care is required. Yes and I would be glad to supply you with their name and number so you can personally talk with them.

#-Can some of this private home care be tax deductible? Yes, but please check first with the person who does your income tax.

#-Do you receive government funding? No we do not.

#-Do you have shareholders with your company? No we do not we are strictly a family orientated business.

#-Where is your office located? Our office is located right in our own home.

#We are interested in having a live-in person. Do you offer this type of service? We are presently in the process of implementing a live-in companion program. If the need arises for this type of care we can work together to ensure the needs are met.

#-Do you pay for your own advertising and who does the office work and who designs the brochures? Since we are a family business we all share in the help of all the office work from start to finish.

# -My father is in a Retirement Home and my mother is in the hospital. I would love to have added care for them, which I will pay out of my own pocket. Can your service help us? Yes the choice is yours no Retirement/Nursing Home or Hospital will refuse you added care if you are willing to bring in private care for your parents.

# -I love my husband very much but because of his declining health it is very hard to care for him these days. I need a break, just for a couple of hours to visit a friend. Can your service help me? Yes we can as we realize what a stressful time this must be.


#-Do you as a private homecare provider have any guidelines to follow? Yes we certainly do. We always follow under the guidelines set forth by the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Ministry of Health. We must also have working knowledge of the rules and regulations set up by the Canadian government that apply to all business.

We would love to hear from you and be more than happy to answer any more questions you might have. Your opinion and input about private homecare is important to us and to our community. We would love to hear your personal views regarding the private homecare sector.